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About me

• Born and raised Winnipegger • Go Jets! • Real estate agent • Residential • Acreages • Condominiums • Commercial • Dog Lover • Sometimes Cats • Sometimes • Heritage homes • Character homes • Midcentury homes • Coffee • Mama • Wife • Former fashion designer • Project Management • Support local • Support small businesses • Particular • Detailed • Good qualities you’ll want from an agent • Texter • Sushi • Pho • Chicken on the Way • The Coup • Patron • Sake • Night Owl • DISC profile ‘I’ • The Rock • Hates quiche •

Selling your home

Here’s the deal when it comes to having me list your home: I truly go above and beyond, in order to make your selling experience a great one. You’ll hear that phrase often in the real estate world. But in my case, I put in a lot of work for my sellers. I have been told by fellow colleagues that “You do way too much”, and I’m fine with that. My goal is to make my clients feel that they’re taken care of and that they’re in good hands. For me, that means I have my seller’s homes professionally cleaned (all they have to do is declutter and pack as much as possible), and I will stage their home utilizing items my client’s have in their homes. As well as using my own staging inventory (hello Homesense!). From there, I use the best photographers and videographers to photograph and do video of the home. I’m a firm believer in using the best of the best for sellers, at whatever price point you are at. Always! Whether you’re in a starter home or a luxury home.

I send my seller’s bi-weekly reports, while always being available via text, phone or email. I’m here for my sellers to represent, negotiate and manage. I simply don’t “list and wait”. I actively manage and look for buyers. I take pride in what I do, and my happy clients are a result of that.

I have aligned myself with an incredible, advanced, real estate brokerage - Redline Real Estate Group. This brokerage provides me with the best training, tools, team, and real estate information, that I need to have in order to be a solid agent for my clients.

* Staging does not apply to tenant occupied homes.

Buying a home

You’ll hear this often, that an agent’s job is to be the “matchmaker”. Except with a home. And, it’s true! When I work with buyers, I make sure my buyers are clear on what they are purchasing. The pros and cons to each home, and pointing out any key issues that might have been overlooked. It’s easy to fall in love with a home. But I’m there to say to you, “Ok, picture your day to day living in this home.” And I make sure all bases are covered that buyers are making the best decision for them.

The most important factor with being a real estate agent, is that I work on behalf of the best interest of my clients. You’ll hear that phrase often, but that truly is the most important factor. My other responsibilities are: undivided loyalty, confidentiality, full disclosure, reasonable care and skill, and full accounting.

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